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As an experienced Notified Body (NoBo) and Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization (AECO), Liftinstituut helps manufacturers of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways with their product certification. Since our specialists are familiar with more and more widely accepted European regulations and specific North American guidelines, together with you they enable you to launch a product throughout the world.

1. Product certification based on EU regulations (EU TYPE EXAMINATION OF elevators/lifts, escalators, safety components Etc.)

Liftinstituut performs inspections on all types of elevators and elevator safety components. These include EU certification inspections (type examinations) for elevators, escalators, facade maintenance equipment, and safety components like locking devices, braking mechanisms, cable protection systems, buffers, and printed circuit boards. We perform these certification inspections for manufacturers all over the world based on European safety standards as defined in the Elevator Directive and the Machinery Directive. 

  • First European Notified Body for the Lift Directive
    Liftinstituut was the first European certification organization to be appointed as a Notified Body (Nobo) for the Lift Directive. In recent years, we have carried out assignments for large international elevator manufacturers giving us a great deal of knowledge and experience. As a elevator manufacturer or installer, you too can benefit from our expertise.
  • Officially recognized by Dutch Council for Accreditation
    Liftinstituut is officially recognized by the Dutch Council for Accreditation for product certification of hoisting and lifting equipment, and other horizontal and vertical transport systems (C067). This recognition is based on proven expertise, impartiality and quality. As a Notified Body, Liftinstituut is also qualified to conduct inspections based on EU directives.

Do you want more information on the certification of lift/elevators, escalators etc. (EU type examination)? Please feel free to contact us


Do you not only want to market your lifts and safety components in the EU but also in the UK? Liftinstituut can also help you with the conversion of your EU certificates to UKCA certificates. For this service we closely work together with LiftCert Ltd, a British certification agent that has been accredited by the authorities to offer UKCA approval for lifts and safety components. Together we take care that your EU certificate is converted and applies to the UKCA-standards.

Do you want more information on UKCA approval of your products?  Please feel free to contact us

3. Product certification based on prevailing standards in North America (ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7)

Liftinstituut is officially appointed as an Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization (AECO) by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (ID#0842). As a result, Liftinstituut is qualified to certify elevators, escalators, and components for the North American market according to ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7.

  • Bridging Europe and North America
    Certification according to ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7 helps create more market opportunities for elevator manufacturers in both Europe and North America. As a result, they increasingly choose certifications based on both European and North American standards.
  • Launching your product within six months
    If you’re a European manufacturer wanting to operate in the North American market, A17.7 can help you launch products faster. Instead of the usual four to five years’ wait, you can often launch a product within six months. You are strongly recommended to conduct due diligence before making any product alterations and saddling yourself with a lot of e-mail correspondence and paperwork. The North American and European markets are quite different, so you should be absolutely sure there’s a need for your product before proceeding further. 

Do you want to have your elevator/lift certified for the North American market? Please feel free to contact us.

4. Product certification on a voluntary basis:  independent third-party certification

Certification not only says a lot about the product on offer, it also says a great deal about the manufacturer. After all, certification demands that the entire product meets all prevailing safety standards. Customers and consumers are calling for more and more safety guarantees. Certification offers reassurance about the level of safety. Liftinstituut boasts enormous safety expertise in product certification for elevators and related machinery. So, show the quality of your product with a Liftinstituut certificate.

Do you want more information about certification on a voluntary basis? Please feel free to contact us.



CHYIHER’s control panel type examined by Liftinstituut

Mr. Chang Chi Chung, Managing Director, CHYIHER Industrial Company Limited: “We had our CHYIHER CH-256 control panel certified by Liftinstituut. Certification took place according to European Lifts Directive and EN 81-20 and -50 standards. The whole process was an excellent exercise for CHYIHER internally and the type approval will really support our marketing efforts in Taiwan and abroad.”

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PESS certification of Hitachi’s PES-02 safety controller

Mr. Hidenori Sekine, Elevator Development Dept. Hitachi, Ltd. Building Systems Business Unit: “Hitachi’s PES-02 electronic safety controller is a SIL 3 certified electronic safety device that is intended to be applied as an ‘add-on system’, independent from the elevator control system. It is able to fulfill several safety functions like amongst others check of emergency terminal slowdown and ascending car overspeed and detection of unintended car movement with open doors. We selected Liftinstituut for this PESS certification.”

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BRUGG CTP 6.5 mm rope type examined by Liftinstituut

Mr. David Frei, General Manager Elevator Ropes global at BRUGG LIFTING: “End of last year we had our coated suspension rope for elevators with 6.5 mm outer diameter, the CTP 6.5 mm, certified by Liftinstituut. To obtain certification, the rope had to undergo a rigorous and demanding evaluation by Liftinstituut. Liftinstituut examined many aspects of quality control with respect to the manufacture and subsequent inspection of the rope." 

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EU-type examination for Blain’s hydraulic valves

Mrs. Anja Blain, Chief Executive Officer, Blain Hydraulics GmbH: “We had our iL10 and L20 hydraulic valves EU-type certified for a brake element as part of a protection means against unintended downwards car movement. Certification took place according to European Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU and EN 81-20 and -50 standards. These patented products were developed in-house by Blain’s engineering team. To obtain certification, the valves had to undergo a stringent evaluation by Liftinstituut.” 

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KONE’s Jumplift certified in line with Performance-Based Code

Mr. Dennis Murphy, Installation Manager at KONE Major Projects Americas: “The KONE Jumplift was originally designed based on the European Lifts Directive. The elevator was adapted to fulfill the local electrical and building requirements. The elevator grows with the building and can be used in the meantime for transportation of persons and goods. This gives huge benefits for the builder saving waiting time for builders hoists and continuous availability independent of the weather.”

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Certification of Korean YOUNGWIRE's 8 x 19 (W) IWRC rope

Ms. Sooeun Jang, General Director, Young Heung Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.: "At the beginning of this year we had our 8 x 19 (W) IWRC suspension rope for elevators with 6 and 6.5 mm. outer diameter certified by Liftinstituut in accordance with the European Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU. To obtain certification, the rope had to undergo a stringent evaluation by Notified Body Liftinstituut."

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Guidance and certification for Reco Eventlift

Robert van der Bruggen, manager Reco Special Products BV: “We are happy to introduce the latest addition to our range of temporary lifts as part of Reco Special Products: the Reco Eventlift. The development of this lift was driven by the growing demand for small temporary lifts that are easy to construct at events and other indoor locations. The entire Eventlift is supplied as a set of separate parts in a 20-foot shipping container. As a result, this temporary lift can be installed via a 90 x 200 cm access door. Thanks to the lift’s short step-in height, it can just be placed on the ground.”

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Kollmorgen’s protection against Unintended Car Movement certified

Mr. Lars Kollmorgen, Managing Director of Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik GmbH: "“In 2012 we, as a German manufacturer of control systems and components for the international elevator industry, had a couple of our UCM solutions to be certified according European standard. As Liftinstituut is being considered one of the leading elevator certification bodies in Europe, we decided to work with them for the very first time." 

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EU type examination Vestner's Advance 5 lift

In 2017 Vestner had its Advance 5 lift certified by Liftinstituut. Mr. Helmut Egner, Director Engineering, New Installations and Development of Vestner Aufzüge GmbH: "To obtain certification in accordance with the European Lifts Directive, the lift had to undergo a demanding evaluation by Liftinstituut. It was a rigorous and highly interactive process. We find certification an important element in the marketing of our products.”

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Schindler’s Working Platform for Scaffold-less Installation

Mr. Lib Li, Manager of Installation Methods, Tolls & Documentation at Schindler (China) Elevator Co., Ltd: “As a result of a cooperation between our company on one hand and Liftinstituut and its agent OUCE on the other, we had our temporary working platform recently certified by Liftinstituut. This platform works for scaffoldless installation of S7000 series high-rise elevators. We call it the scaffold-less installation method H3 + ES5. 

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Liftinstituut certifies TK Elevator’s TWIN elevator

Mr. Phillip Hampton, Chief Engineer – Director of Codes and Standards at TK Elevator Americas: "“The TK TWIN elevator was originally certified in compliance with the European Lifts Directive. The electronic safety system is certified according to the worldwide standard IEC 61508. The North American market requires the elevator to comply with the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 code. Due to its innovative characteristics, the TWIN complies with around 85 percent of this code. For deviations, North America introduced the ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7 Performance-Based Code."

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