PESS certification of Hitachi’s PES-02 safety controller

Mr. Hidenori Sekine, Elevator Development Dept. Hitachi, Ltd. Building Systems Business Unit: “Hitachi’s PES-02 electronic safety controller is a SIL 3 certified electronic safety device that is intended to be applied as an ‘add-on system’, independent from the elevator control system. It is able to fulfill several safety functions like amongst others check of emergency terminal slowdown and ascending car overspeed and detection of unintended car movement with open doors. We selected Liftinstituut for this PESS certification.”

Structured approach in PESS certification

“We have been very pleased with the cooperation with Liftinstituut and were especially impressed by the structured approach, consisting of eight stages, it had on offer and we had to follow along the project. It really felt like a team effort of two parties combined and was realized in time as scheduled in advance. Due to its professional support and guidance, Hitachi will not hesitate to contact Liftinstituut again for comparable new future developments.”