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A world in which everyone can use elevators and escalators safely and without worries – that’s what Liftinstituut has been working towards since 1933. As an organization that is passionate about technology and safety, we share our knowledge and experience with the world around us, in the first instance through safety inspections and certification processes. Every year we help tens of thousands of building owners, building managers and manufacturers provide the ultimate proof of the safety of their installation: the silver Liftinstituut quality mark. We also share our knowledge by offering training courses and guidance services, organizing safety campaigns, guidance on the creation of inspection regimes and participating in standards commissions.

A world in which every elevator and escalator is safe

When it comes to independence and expertise, we are the most highly valued inspection body. Our judgement is sincere and fair and cannot be called into question. This absolute reliability pervades our entire organization. After all, it is important that our customers can count on us, which is why we come up with innovative services that relieve them of much of the hassle and organizational burden. From inspector to administrator and from director to planner, we adopt a customer-focused approach and keep to our promises.

This is the only way to make investing in Liftinstituut, as a first-class organization, more than worthwhile for our customers. And it is the only way to ensure that we, and all 200 of our employees, can keep working every day to realize our dream: a world in which every elevator and escalator is safe.

What sets us apart?

  • Our way of working: better together
    Certification processes have to be executed quickly and efficiently. For this reason, Liftinstituut will happily take a look at every stage of the development of elevators, escalators, or facade maintenance equipment. This will give you a quick answer to the questions: ‘Are we on the right track?’ and ‘If we continue to develop this product, can it meet certification requirements?’. Rejection, disappointment, and unnecessary costs are avoided, and no time is wasted.
  • Notified Body
    As a Notified Body (NoBo), we certify lifts and safety components according to EU safety codes and standards for lifts and related equipment. As an Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization (AECO), we certify elevators, escalators and components for the North American market according to code ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7. Because our specialists are familiar with more and more widely accepted European regulations and specific North American guidelines, together with you they enable you to launch a product throughout the world. We also regularly perform lift inspections all over the world.


Liftinstituut’s values and principles of conducting business are described in Liftinstituut’s Compliance code. It provides a framework for our everyday business decisions. This includes dealing with other employees, customers, suppliers, society at large, government authorities, regulators, investors and other business partners.

  • Integrity
    Expertise, impartiality, independency and integrity are in our DNA. As a worldwide service provider in lift and escalator expertise, we think that a solid culture of integrity policy and ethical behavior is key in the way we do business. We only issue certificates and reports that objectively represent the actual results and findings.
  • Conflicts of interest
    Our policy is to avoid conflicts of interest in our business transactions and services. Our employees are committed to avoid these conflicts. Liftinstituut’s Compliance code sets out the guidelines for them.
  • Confidentiality and protection of data
    We respect the confidentiality and privacy of client’s information and ensure adequately protection of this information.
  • Anti-bribery
    We do not accept any offer or acceptance of a bribe or fraud, and prohibit the provision of improper benefits as well as accepting improper benefits.
  • Health and safety
    As a major inspection and certification organization safety is our main priority. Therefore we take all the necessary measures for the safety and health of our employees. By means of risk analysis, health and safety training for employees and an open culture that encourages reporting incidents, we maintain our high health and safety standards.
  • Fair labour
    Liftinstituut is committed to meet its social responsibility towards employees and society. We use fair and appropriate wage and working conditions, do not tolerate any form of discrimination, and maintain a zero tolerance policy of abuse, bullying or harassment in the workplace.

Statement of impartiality - Liftinstituut Organisation

Core values
Liftinstituut, as a certification body, strives to improve safety in the application of e.g. hoisting, lifting, and transport machines. The foundation of this purpose is formed by a concept that is included in its name: “Liftinstituut”.

Liftinstituut is an organisation that would like to be the connecting link between the parties involved in (elevator)safety, but is also an organisation that is absolutely independent, despite the fact that the organisation is active amongst all the parties involved with the execution of its activities.

To guarantee and continue this position, the management of Liftinstituut has conformed to basicly three conditions that must always be complied with and which forms the basis for all its activities and decisions:

  1. Impartiality
    Employees of Liftinstituut prevent influence by third parties in every form of decision making, whether or not they are clients or other parties involved with the decision making.
  2. Objectivity
    In all their decision making, the employees of Liftinstituut base themselves on knowledge and facts, whereby the objective is to involve as much as possible, but at least all available information, with the decision making.
  3. Independency
    Despite the continuing commercialising of the company and the environment in which Liftinstituut operates, it is prevented that decision making is influenced by employees of the organisation due to financial or any other dependency of market participants in the perimeter of the organisation.

Linked to above three items all employees are obligated through their contractual employment with Liftinstituut. The management of Liftinstituut reports to internal and external (e.g. A17 comitee) board of experts with its defined core values and confirms the compliance of these values by recognition such as govermental directions like certification settings and accreditation certificates by the Accreditation Body (ANSI - ID#0842).

  • Liftinstituut B.V. is a subsidiary company of Liftinstituut Holding B.V. 
  • Liftinstituut B.V. is solely responsible for the information posted on www.liftinstituut.com.

Liftinstituut also makes its quality recognisable in relation to product certification: through accreditation (C067) by the Dutch council for accreditation (RvA) and registration of the organisation by the Dutch authorities at the European authorities in Brussels.