Functional Safety & Cybersecurity Training Package

Are you a designer, developer or engineer in the lift and escalator industry? Bring your knowledge of functional safety and cybersecurity to a high level with this Liftinstituut training package. During this five-day training Liftinstituut trainer Elena Mauro will provide you with a lot of knowledge, best practices and case studies. Don’t miss this opportunity to be trained this specific in your field of work.


Functional Safety and IEC61508 

  • What is needed to ensure the functional safety of programmable electronic systems during the lifecycle of lift and escalators?
  • Which laws, guidelines and standards do apply?
  • How do you work towards a functional safe lift or escalator?
  • And how do you safeguard working according to IEC61508 within your organization?


  • What are the risks of IoT in lifts, escalators and safety components? 
  • Which standards and laws do apply concerning cybersecurity?
  • How do you work towards a cybersecure lift, escalator or safety component?
  • What are the best practices in lifts and escalators?


Would you like more information or request a quote for this training? Please call account manager Dennis Lindeboom at +31 6 520 84 107 or business manager Albert-Jan van Ommen at +31 6 512 43 395.

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    • Training form: in-company training or online training
    • Duration: Functional Safety: 3,5 days training + 0,5 day exam (inclusive of a certificate upon passing exam); Cybersecurity 1 day
    • Date and location: by arrangement
    • Required prior knowledge: basic knowledge in the field of technical lift safety
    • Maximum number of participants: 12
    • For more information: call account manager Dennis Lindeboom at +31 6 520 84 107 or business manager Albert-Jan van Ommen at +31 6 512 43 395.

    Elena Mauro is certification specialist at Liftinstituut with cybersecurity and functional safety as area of expertise. After working for many years as a safety consultant in the process industry, she now uses her functional safety and cybersecurity expertise in certification projects of lifts, safety components and machines.

    Elena studied Process Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, where she also completed her post-Masters in System Engineering to combine process and system engineering. She then worked for a supplier of safety systems for thirteen years, first as a programmer, later as a system engineer and finally as a certified safety consultant. Besides her advisory tasks, she is also a highly experienced trainer.

    Trainer Elena Mauro:

    “Did you know that since January 12th 2022 the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) of the EU affects how you ensure the cybersecurity of your lifts, escalators and safety components? I have created this training to make you REDy: ready for RED.”

  • Coverage of Functional Safety AND IEC61508 training

    • Day 1 & 2: stage 1 (training and workshop). Introduction & History, IEC61508 Basic Concepts, Strategy to Achieve Functional Safety, Basic Failure Theory, Exercises; Assigning SIL requirements, Safety Requirement Specification, Lifecycle Activities, IEC61508 and Elevator Standards, Exercises
    • Day 3 & 4: stage 2 (training, exercises, and final assessment). Design techniques, Diagnostics, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, Creepage and Clearance, IEC61508 applied to lifts, SW Design, Exercises; PESS and testing, Mechanics and PESS, Formulae, Reliability Block Diagrams, Example of a project, Assessment (Day 4 afternoon, 4 h)


    • Why cybersecurity?
    • Cybersecurity EU Directive, Laws and Manufacturer Obligations
    • Cybersecurity Standards and Basis for Certification IoT in Lifts
    • Cybersecurity best practices in lifts and escalators
    • Cybersecurity lifecycle
    • Triple-A cybersecurity principle
    • Defense in depth

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