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In places where vertical transport is part of the core transport services, such as in subway and train stations and at airports, the downtime of elevators and escalators must be kept to a minimum. For airport and public transport companies the modernization and/or new construction of elevators and escalators is therefore always a precarious process. That is why they want to be sure that all installations run smoothly from the start as well as in the longer term. Liftinstituut helps with the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

Before elevators and escalators leave the factory, our certification specialists check whether the installations meet all contractually agreed quality and technical requirements, and whether they function properly. In this way, airport and public transport companies minimize the risk of unexpected errors, malfunctions or downtime. For manufacturers a Factory Acceptance Test helps to avoid claims.

Customized services

In a Factory Acceptance Test, Liftinstituut's experts focus on, among other things:

  • Is the elevator or escalator to be supplied, complete?
  • Does the product type to be delivered comply with the contractual agreements?
  • Does the end product match documents, specifications and drawings?
  • Is the elevator or escalator working properly?

Of course you decide at what stage you call in Liftinstituut's expertise. Our experts are happy to assist you in all phases of the production process with various proofs of functionality, but we are also available for final inspections only.


When it comes to Factory Acceptance Testing in the field of escalators and elevators, Liftinstituut has earned its stripes. Our experts provided this test for amongst others:

  • Paris subway (RATP)
    With the delivery of hundreds of new escalators for the Paris subway network, RATP did not want to leave anything to chance. For that reason, the company engaged Liftinstituut to perform a Factory Acceptance Test at the producer of the escalators. In an atmosphere of pleasant cooperation with the manufacturer, our audit team scrutinized all the processes: from the final inspection to the quality system approach.

    RATP chose Liftinstituut partly because of the unique approach to the assessment. The production processes are managed top-down in real life. For the assessment, Liftinstituut opted for a more bottom-up approach.

    Meanwhile Liftinstituut has successfully carried out another FAT for RATP, which concerned a large number of new elevators to be installed.

  • Cologne metro (Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG)
    Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (KVB) provides public transport in the German city of Cologne. The network includes Stadtbahn (light rail), U-bahn (metro) and S-bahn (city trains). In the city center the rails are located mainly in tunnels and outside in open tracks. There are a total of 38 underground stations where elevators and escalators play a leading role in the required people flow.

    The public transport company Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB) did not take any chances when purchasing a large number of new escalators from a couple of manufacturers. Liftinstituut’s certification specialists are in the process of performing Factory Acceptance Tests at the sites of those manufacturers. The testing process is being carried out in a very pleasant collaboration with the KVB experts and concerning manufacturers. The service includes an extensive Site Acceptance Test after installation. Results so far: the first batch of new escalators has been installed and put into operation without significant disruptions and running smoothly during its first months.

More information

Want to know more about Factory Acceptance Tests? Please call Liftinstituut account manager Dennis Lindeboom on +31 6 520 84 107 or business manager Albert-Jan van Ommen on +31 6 512 43 395 for more information.