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The stakes for cybersecurity have never been higher in the dynamic landscape of Industry 4.0. With new regulations such as the Machinery Regulation and the IEC-8100 lift standard recognizing cybersecurity as a critical risk for products and companies, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve. The global trend towards system and data protection underscores the urgency to address these risks.

Unlock the Power of Cyber Security Assessment with Liftinstituut

Navigating through the maze of regulations, including but not limited to Europe's NIS-2, RED, and Cyber Resilience Act, can be daunting. Liftinstituut has a lot of experience in guiding and assessing cybersecurity systems. Our specialists stand ready to assist you in your cybersecurity assessment.

Embrace Cyber Security with Liftinstituut as Your Guide

In today's automotive industry, electronics and software are indispensable. Over-the-air (OTA) updates and on-demand diagnostics are becoming the norm, revolutionizing maintenance practices. Similarly, in the realm of elevators, the shift towards monitoring installations promises enhanced preventive maintenance, leading to increased uptime and reduced costs. However, the realization of these advancements hinges upon ensuring robust security measures.

Elevators and safety have always been intertwined in the history of elevator technology. National and international standards have long been the benchmark for safety, evolving alongside technological advancements. Elevate your security standards with Liftinstituut, ensuring not just compliance, but also peace of mind.

More information on Cybersecurity Assessment 

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