Training courses

Liftinstituut has now combined all its international training programs under one name: LiftAcademy. It offers a range of courses on vertical transport, related technology, and safety issues. The knowledge provided can be used by all kinds of engineers and managers. Whether they work in the lift industry or elsewhere, these training courses teach participants all around the world about the technology and safety aspects of lifts, escalators, and suspended access equipment.

New training courses on CyberSecurity and Functional Safety

Cybersecurity and Functional Safety are becoming more and more hot topics in the lift and escalator industry. That is why Liftinstituut and LiftAcademy have developed two special training programs on these subjects, focused on the particular issues of the industry. The content of the webinar / in-company training Cybersecurity and the in-company training Functional Safety is based on the practical experience of Liftinstituut and includes several examples and case studies to demonstrate different aspects of Cybersecurity and Functional Safety. Find out more in detail about these new training courses 


Our training program also covers:

  • Lift standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50
  • Risk assessment and EC type examination
  • PESS: Programmable Electronic Systems in Safety related applications
  • Safety at work (e-learning)
  • Everything you need to know about lifts
  • Lift inspector training


Do you want more information about our training courses? Please feel free to contact us.