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In the world of elevators and escalators everything revolves around confidence. Passengers rely on safety, continuity, comfort, and minimal waiting times. Building managers and owners trust that new elevators and escalators are installed properly, that maintenance is carried out thoroughly and that modernization plans distinguish between what is necessary and what is desirable. In order to preserve or to verify that confidence, Liftinstituut provides its service Expert Opinion in various areas.

With our independent perspective our elevator and escalator experts contribute to safety, operational reliability, and efficiency. And we give building managers and owners evidence based on facts and figures, so that they can take very well-founded decisions.

Our range of Expert Opinion services includes amongST others:

  • Safety inspections
    Are your elevators, escalators, and façade maintenance facilities safe to use? Does the safety level fulfil your wishes or comply with national legislation? By having them inspected regularly you can be sure that you are doing all you can to provide passengers with a safe ride. A seal of approval from Liftinstituut will also put you in a stronger position with any liability issues.
  • Maintenance inspections
    Has the maintenance work been carried out properly? A maintenance inspection will give building managers, building owners, and maintenance companies the chance to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s – in their working relationships and in periodic maintenance.
  • Renovation inspections
    If an elevator or escalator is around twenty years old, then it is time to think about a renovation. But what is necessary to meet the standard? After a thorough inspection, Liftinstituut will give you an answer.
  • Technical audits and reviews
    Where in the building can the flow of people be improved? How can the energy consumption of elevators and escalators be lowered? With audits and reviews we will provide sound data which you can use to make immediate adjustments.
  • Completion inspections
    Whether it is the completion of new installations, modifications or modernizations, people want to know whether they are getting what they paid for. Liftinstituut will provide the evidence that will also make the supplier happy. After all, this means that there can be no debate afterwards.
  • Accident investigation
    Nobody expects an accident to occur with an escalator or elevator. But if things do go wrong, then an independent investigation is necessary. Liftinstituut has amassed a wealth of experience in this. We will set out the cause of the accident for you and explain what you need to do to prevent such accidents in the future. 


  • Princess Juliana International Airport
    For Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten, Liftinstituut performed safety checks on the elevators. We also trained the employees because they are the first to respond when people are trapped in an elevator.
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
    For the second-largest hub airport in the world the availability of elevators and escalators needs to be at the highest level. That is why Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opts for safety inspections by Liftinstituut. Our experts also play an important support role in projects – i.e. remotely starting, operating, and shutting down escalators, travelators, and ramps safely. 

More information

Want to know more about our Expert Opinion services? Please call Liftinstituut account manager Dennis Lindeboom on +31 6 520 84 107 or business manager Albert-Jan van Ommen on +31 6 512 43 395 for more information.