EU-type examination for Blain’s hydraulic valves

Mrs. Anja Blain, Chief Executive Officer, Blain Hydraulics GmbH: “We had our iL10 and L20 hydraulic valves EU-type certified for a brake element as part of a protection means against unintended downwards car movement. Certification took place according to European Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU and EN 81-20 and -50 standards. These patented products were developed in-house by Blain’s engineering team. To obtain certification, the valves had to undergo a stringent evaluation by Liftinstituut.” 

"Customer-oriented and professional approach"

We have been pleased with Liftinstituut’s high level of competency, quick response time and customer-oriented and professional approach. Liftinstituut’s solid global reputation in combination with this certification will strongly support the worldwide marketing of these Blain valves.”