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Liftinstituut has a lot of experience with measuring the energy use and producing energy labels in conformance with EN-ISO 25745. The measurements according to the new standard offer more opportunities for building owners, building managers and manufacturers of lifts, escalators and moving walks. A building scores additional BREEAM points when it has an EPC certificate. And with an energy measurement, the manufacturer can directly demonstrate the energy-saving effect of the investments in modernisation.

BREEAM and the EPC certification of lifts

When conducting EPC certification, Liftinstituut also considers BREEAM, the sustainability label for buildings (www.breeam.nl). Willem Kasteleijn, Lift Product Manager, explains: ‘For energy-efficient lifts in new buildings, you can achieve two credit points in BREEAM-NL new construction.’

VDI 47071 useless for demonstrating BREEAM credit points
‘One of the conditions for two credit points is an independent measurement showing that at least energy label B is achieved on the basis of ISO 25745-2. With our EPC certificate based on ISO 25745-2, that is easy to demonstrate. VDI 4707-1 may not be used to demonstrate credit points in the current version of BREEAM-NL new construction (30/6/2020).’

Escalators and BREEAM

Two credit points can also be earned for energy-efficient escalators and moving walks. ‘According to BREEAM-NL new construction, at least one energy label A+ in conformance with ISO 25745-3 is required, as measured by an independent party. The escalator or moving walk must also have at least one of the following properties in conformance with ISO 25745-3 section 5.6 b: “slow speed” or “auto start”. We specify this on our EPC certificate.’

BREEAM and lifts and escalators in existing buildings

According to BREEAM-NL In-Use, existing buildings can also earn credit points with energy-efficient lifts, escalators and moving walks.

  • A lift receives two BREEAM credit points for an energy label C or better. VDI4707-1 or ISO 25745-2 applies to the determination of the energy label.
  • An escalator receives two BREEAM credit points for an energy label C or better. ISO 25745-3 applies to the determination of the energy label.

Energy measurement: also interesting when modernising

Kasteleijn has another tip for suppliers. ‘When modernising a lift, they do not always think about the possibility of combining this change with an energy measurement, although it is a great chance to do so.’

‘Suppliers can pay more attention to this by including a calculation of the potential energy savings after modernisation in their quotation or specifications for the modernisation. They can use an independent Liftinstituut energy measurement done before and after the modernisation to show that the extra investment will be easily recouped through the energy savings realised.’

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