Energy performance certification

More and more organizations are making demands on the energy consumption of elevators. They want a guarantee from the elevator manufacturer that the energy reduction promised will actually be realized. Using advanced measuring methods, Liftinstituut can help you make your lift's energy performance visible to your customers. Afterwards, Liftinstituut will provide you with a detailed report, an Energy Performance Certificate, and an energy label.

ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATION: Providing clarity about the energy consumption of your elevators

A lift’s energy consumption is dependent on its constructional environment, on the manner of installation and on the nature of the usage. For this reason, after installation by the supplier, Liftinstituut measures the lift’s energy consumption both in its stand-by mode and during an upwards and downwards journey, during which the doors open and close once.

This energy consumption, related to the lifting height, the permissible loading and the usage mode, results in a reference value. This translates in turn into an energy label. All this based upon the internationally accepted VDI 4707:1 guideline and ISO 25745. 


Do you want more information on the Energy Performance Certification of your lifts? Please feel free to contact us.


Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, it is not always possible for the Liftinstituut certification experts to come to your production and/or development location. With two remote services, we ensure that your business activities do not have to come to a standstill.

  • With our remote examination service, the certification process of your new lift, escalator or safety component does not have to be delayed. Via a video link, our certification experts closely monitor the various examination tests as your own product experts or developers carry them out.
  • Does your Liftinstituut product certificate expire soon? The certification experts of Liftinstituut can now temporarily extend your product certificate for a maximum of six months. This will allow you to continue conducting your business even during COVID-19 times.

Want to know more? Please call Liftinstituut account manager Dennis Lindeboom on +31 6 520 84 107 or business manager Albert-Jan van Ommen on +31 6 512 43 395 for more information.