Again a new Energy Performance Certificate for Orona

During Interlift 2017, Lars Gustavsson, from the ‘New Products Development’ management team at Orona Spain, received a new Energy Performance Certificate. John van Vliet, Managing Director of Liftinstituut, was on hand to present the certificate. It concerned an EPC certificate label A for the Orona M33v3 and M34 elevators and related to ISO 25745-2. Orona works closely with Liftinstituut on product and EPC certification and, in addition to safety, attaches great value to sustainability.

Committed to sustainability

Lars Gustavsson: "Orona is strongly committed to sustainability from a holistic approach. Proof of this is the Ecodesign ISO 14006 certification, our Corporate Social Responsibility approach, adherence to the Global Compact, and our research into more energy efficient technologies. We believe that this commitment represents a competitive and strategic advantage in all of its aspects: social, environmental, and economic."

 "Orona has a strong focus on energy efficiency in our products. During the past few years, we have been able to reduce the energy consumption in our elevators by over 75% and the ISO 25745 class A certification shows that the Orona elevators are amongst the most efficient on the market. Liftinstituut has given us a class A service grading during the complete certification process!"