EC type examination of Cibes platform lift (PESS)

Mr. Johan Strand, project manager R&D, Cibes Lift Group: “Liftinstituut did an EC type examination of the Cibes A5, Platform lift for persons with or without impaired mobility. The platform drive system is a spindle system with double brakes used in several systems from Cibes. The special feature in this EC type examination is that two controllers are involved; an existing computer-based controller with intelligent nodes and a new controller with a PESS system (Programmable Electronic Safety System)." 

"More flexible"

"As a result, the number of relays in the controller has dramatically dropped; which significantly increases lifetime, energy consumption and costs. The safety of the system has also been improved due to the fact that software is more flexible.”

“Liftinstituut and Cibes collaborated closely in the development process of the controller. Liftinstituut provided information, clear demands, and background information where needed. Cibes developed and proved to be able to create electronic safety systems, and its system passed all the Liftinstituut tests. We are glad to have found such a reliable and committed partner in Liftinstituut.”