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With its new expert training courses on Cybersecurity and Functional Safety (IEC61508), Liftinstituut is the first to offer a training program in this specific field, fully focused on the lift and escalator industry. A unique opportunity for professionals in the industry to be trained this specific.


At Liftinstituut we are proud about the reviews we have got for our new training courses on Cybersecurity and Functional Safety (IEC61508). Participants say: 

  • “One of the best training I have had in years - professional with details and real life examples...”
  • “Many of the techniques are useful even outside of the SIL-scope”
  • “The need of proper documentation was enforced which is often overlooked in design”

These are just a couple of the many positive reactions we received. Get to know our training courses below and ask for a quote.  

1. Cybersecurity in the lift and escalator industry

Are you working or involved in the lift and/or escalator industry? Don’t miss our new Liftinstituut training on cybersecurity. In three hours Elena Mauro, certification expert cybersecurity, will update you on all the important questions about this theme – including best practices of the lift and escalator industry. This is the first cybersecurity training 100% focused on lifts and escalators.

The main topics of this webinar:
What are the risks of IoT in lifts, escalators and safety components? Which standards and laws do apply concerning cybersecurity? How do you work towards a cybersecure lift, escalator or safety component? What are the best practices in lifts and escalators?

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2. IEC61508 and Functional Safety for the lift and escalator industry

Are you a designer, developer or engineer in the lift and escalator industry? Bring your knowledge of functional safety to a high level with the new Liftinstituut training. During this five-day training course Liftinstituut trainer Elena Mauro will provide you with a lot of knowledge, best practices and case studies.

The main topics of this training:
What is needed to ensure the functional safety of programmable electronic systems during the lifecycle of lift and escalators? Which laws, guidelines and standards do apply? How do you work towards a functional safe lift or escalator? And how do you safeguard working according to IEC61508 within your organization?

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