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Has Liftinstituut previously certified your lift, escalator or safety component? And is the product certificate expiring soon? The certification experts of Liftinstituut can now temporarily extend your product certificate for a maximum of six months. This will allow you to continue conducting your business even during COVID-19 times.

This is how the certificate extension option works

Extending your product certificate starts off with a renewal agreement. In this agreement you and Liftinstituut agree upon:

With the remote certification and your documentation you demonstrate that your product is still produced in accordance with the type certificate. If our certification experts can confirm that, you will receive the extended, widely accepted Liftinstituut certificate.

Approved by the European Commission

Good to know: the temporary extension option is supported by a recent notification from the European Commission to the Notified Bodies.

Temporary extension of your certificate starts with a phone call

Want to know more about the temporary extension option? Please call Liftinstituut account manager Dennis Lindeboom on +31 6 520 84 107 or business manager Albert-Jan van Ommen on +31 6 512 43 395 for more information.