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During these COVID-19 times, it is in your company’s best interest to continue to operate as normally as possible. You cannot afford to put the launch of a new product on hold. But what if your new lift, escalator or safety components cannot be certified due to the fact that our certification experts cannot come to your production and/or development location because of COVID-19 restrictions?

Remote CERTIFICATION: a joint effort

The certification organisation Liftinstituut is introducing remote certification to resolve this problem. Via a video link, the Liftinstituut certification expert will closely monitor the various certification tests as your own product experts or developers carry them out.

This is how remote examining by Liftinstituut works

  1. Our certification experts first check if the remote certification can be done under strict conditions. These conditions guarantee that the result is equivalent to the result in assessments and tests when our experts are physically present.
  2. With a video certification plan, the assessments and tests to be carried out are agreed in advance with you. During the remote certification, these assessments and tests are monitored by us in real time via Microsoft Teams, Skype or WebEx.
  3. If the test result is positive, you will receive the Liftinstituut certification report and the globally recognized and widely accepted Liftinstituut certificate. This will allow you to enter the market with your new product(s) immediately, whether during or after the COVID-19 crisis.

Certification services with remote certification

Liftinstituut offers the possibility of remote certification for all of its certification services:

Is a lift, escalator or COMPONENT suitable for remote certification?

Want to know more about remote certification? Want to know if your new product is suited for remote certification? Please call Liftinstituut account manager Dennis Lindeboom on +31 6 520 84 107 or business manager Albert-Jan van Ommen on +31 6 512 43 395.