Liftinstituut enters Finnish market

A new elevator inspection organization entered de Finnish market on October 4th, 2019. On this date, Liftinstituut Nordic will begin offering elevator inspections according to local and EU laws and regulations. The office in Helsinki will be under Finnish management and will be part of the international Liftinstituut network. Ever since 1933, inspectors and certifying experts from this organization have worked tirelessly every day to ensure that everyone in the world can use elevators safely with complete peace of mind.

On 4 October 2019, Liftinstituut Nordic had its official launch in the Dutch Embassy in Helsinki, Finland. To celebrate the occasion, the Dutch ambassador in Helsinki, Cees Bansema, received the first symbolic quality mark of the Finnish management team: Kari Huopainen (Technical Director), Pekka Annunen (CEO), and Sami Juutinen (Chairman of the Board of Directors). Marco Waagmeester, Managing Director of Liftinstituut Holding: “We are proud that we can now place a spotlight on elevator safety in Finland too with a strong local partner.”

Making a difference

As a new player, Liftinstituut Nordic is keen to make a difference in the Finnish inspection market. Pekka Annunen, CEO: “Our inspection organization is customer oriented, flexible, and cloud-based. This will allow us to operate cost-effectively and to offer a high level of service. Thanks to our modern technology, we will be able to work efficiently and reliably. Our customers will also have one fixed point of contact. We believe this is valuable for our customers.”

“What also makes us unique is that we combine the knowledge of the international Liftinstituut group with our own extensive experience in the Finnish elevator sector, blending everything together perfectly.”

Global operation

With the launch of the Finnish inspection organization, Liftinstituut is adding a new branch to its international network. Waagmeester: “With offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Singapore, the Caribbean and now Helsinki, we have a global presence. Our services principally revolve around our elevator inspections. Having our quality mark inside an elevator means that building owners, building managers, and elevator passengers know that the maximum is done to ensure the elevator’s safety.”

Kari Huopainen adds: “It is great that Liftinstituut takes part in standards committees internationally. If any legislative or regulatory changes happen, we will be the first to know. Our customers will always be able to count on us to have up-to-date knowledge of the technology and safety requirements. In fact, in many cases I am sure we will be able to anticipate innovations and changing legislation.”


The official launch of Liftinstituut Nordic. Technical Director Kari Huopainen (most left) and CEO Pekka Annunen (most right) hand over the silver trademark of Liftinstituut Nordic to the Dutch Ambassador Cees Bansema (middle). Marco Waagmeester (MD Liftinstituut Holding) and Dennis Lindeboom (International account manager) in the back (FLTR))

More information

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