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Expert Session 8: Revision of the Machine Directive

In the Liftinstituut Expert Sessions, a series of short video discussions, experts from all over the world share their knowledge, experience and views on different vertical-transportation subjects. Viewers involved with elevator and escalator safety, including inspectors, engineers and repair/maintenance technicians, will find discussions of topical interest in each new video.

Theme of the eight episode: Revision of the Machine Directive


  •  Carl van den Einden, productmanager Machinery at Liftinstituut

Main topics:

  • What is the reason for the revision of the current Machine Directive?
  • In what stage is this revision?
  • And is there a transition period applicable so the market can adapt to this new regulation?

WATCH EXPERT SESSION 8: Revision of the Machine Directive


14/10/21 Episode 1: Safety Inspections: the optimal interval

28/10/21 Episode 2: The Integral Safety Vision

11/11/21 Episode 3: Brexit - consequences for the industry

 25/11/21 Episode 4: IoT (Internet of Things) in the elevator industry

09/12/21 Episode 5: Elevators and cybersecurity

15/01/22 Episode 6: Use of elevators in fire rescue

15/02/22 Episode 7: Trapped passengers in elevators



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