Liftinstituut carbon neutral

For a number of years Liftinstituut has been making conscious choices to reduce carbon emissions. As of today, we offset the remaining emissions, making Liftinstituut a carbon neutral organization. Our certification specialists are involved in certification projects worldwide, ensuring safety for millions of passengers. As of today, we will further shape this social responsible role by operating carbon neutral.

How do we compensate CO2?

Carbon emission reduction has been on our agenda for a number of years. This resulted in a decrease in air travel, an increase in digital solutions, smarter planning (including mileage reduction) and strict CO2 standards for our offices and cars.

From today we also compensate the remaining carbon emissions, by investing in forest projects via Trees for All. This organization works on reforestation and protection of sustainable forest projects in the Netherlands, Uganda, Bolivia and Costa Rica, among others. The projects also contribute to better living conditions and to the preservation of millions of trees that otherwise disappear annually.

What does this mean for you? 

It is important for our relations to know that for you there are no extra costs involved. Liftinstituut takes social responsibility seriously and chosing to work with us supports us in that ambition.

* Trees for All is a non-commercial provider of CO2 compensation and has the CBF quality mark.