Liftinstituut present during international lift fair Interlift 2019

The largest international lift exhibition Interlift will be held from 15 to 18 October in Augsburg in Germany. Liftinstituut is also this year present on the fair. Liftinstituut can be found in hall 3, stand 3187, next to the passage to halls 4 to 7.

Visitors from all over the world will turn to the Liftinstituut booth for information about safety, certification and training.


Liftinstituut is happy to show visitors the latest developments with regard to certification and functional safety. Liftinstituut will also tell about their guidance in setting up new inspection regimes in European and worldwide countries. LiftinstituutSolutions gives information  about the international elevator conference which will be organized in cooperation with Elevator World in Las Vegas in December. LiftinstituutSolutions also presents there brand-new international lift inspectors trainings.

Meeting place

The Liftinstituut stand is a meeting place at the end of every exhibition day for everyone who is active in the lift industry in Europe. If you go to Interlift, then meet your colleagues there while enjoying a drink and a snack. 

Under the theme "the elevator and its users" during VFA Forum Interlift Liftinstituut asks attention for an important subject: Lift use in case of fire.

On Friday, October 18, Liftinstituut will give a lecture during the VFA Forum on the use of lifts in a fire. The lecture will be given by Willem Kasteleijn, product manager lifts at Liftinstituut. Start: presentation: 10 am.

No elevator in the event of a fire! " But how long can this position be sustained in an aging society in which there is a strong increase in high-rise buildings? The attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 11 September 2001 showed that the use of the lifts saved many lives, where evacuation via the stairs was almost impossible. The major fire in London, June 2017, also made it clear that a good evacuation plan with the possible use of lifts can save lives. In 2018, Liftinstituut conducted extensive research into the possibilities and limitations of elevator use in the event of a fire. For example, a risk analysis was carried out in collaboration with the lift companies. Extensive research also took place among building owners and elevator users. The results are surprising. During the lecture Liftinstituut will show the results of the Risk analysis and the most important conclusions from the studies. When it comes to solutions, Liftinstituut introduces "scenario thinking". The evacuation scenarios where lift use is possible depend among other things on the type of building and the nature of the residents. Finally, Liftinstituut is introducing a self-thinking elevator that will remain in use in the event of a fire as long as that is possible.

VFA Forum: