Report on Liftinstituut Solutions Symposium

Together with Elevator World Inc., Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. organized the International Elevator & Escalator Symposium (IEES) 2018 in Istanbul on November 15 and 16, 2018. Professionals from the elevator and escalator industry, architects, developers, and owners followed a program covering all topics of safety and new technologies in vertical transportation.

International experts

Presentations were given by international experts, which ensured an exciting platform for discovering new technologies and meeting with professionals. IEES also offers an opportunity for technology companies to show off their new projects and products.

Attractive content

As an independent company with extensive technical and safety knowledge and experience, Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. was fully involved in the programming for the symposium. Would you like to receive the symposium book containing all the abstracts? Please visit or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A few topics:

  • Prof. Michael Cesarz, CEO MULTI at ThyssenKrupp Elevator, introduced the very innovative MULTI elevator concept.
  • Cybersecurity is also a topic in the elevator industry. David W. Jones, Senior Director of Business Development, Connected Spaces, at Irdeto Netherlands, addressed that subject. The title of his presentation was: Inside the Mind of a Hacker.
  • Johannes de Jong, Founder & EVP of Elevating Studio Pte. Ltd., Finland, gave an interesting presentation about Voluntary Egress Elevators, Enhancements to the 2004 CTBUH Guidelines.

Liftinstituut advocates an integral safety approach

Liftinstituut believes that elevator and escalator safety is not a one-dimensional or single-factor responsibility. Robert Kaspersma from Liftinstituut (Product Certification Specialist) spoke about this during the International Elevator & Escalator Symposium (IEES): “Safety is a complex combination of factors including design and maintenance, but also, and possibly more importantly, behavioral aspects. In recent years, Liftinstituut has been looking to combine these factors into an integral safety approach.”

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