Expert Session 12: Certification - What are the most important things?

In this episode, Product Specialist Azaad Santoe and International Account Manager Dennis Lindeboom tell us the essentials of getting a product certified.

Theme of this episode: Certification - What are the most important things?


  • Azaad Santoe – Product Specialist at Liftinstituut
  • Dennis Lindeboom – International Account Manager 

Main topics:

  • Why is certification important?
  • What compels companies to seek voluntary certification?
  • How does Liftinstituut help clients get their products certified?
  • What are the important things before starting a certification process?
  • Is it easier for the manufacturer to get an AECO cert and UKCA cert if he already has a NOBO cert in EU?

WATCH EXPERT SESSION 12: Certification - What are the most important things?


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